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Lancaster drawn………… out

Lancaster ink tones finishedFinally I got the text last week that he was ready to collect the artwork I had done for him. I must admit I was beginning to think he either didn’t want it, or had forgotten. Since I did the actual work on it in March. And we are now in, let me see, yep, that’s right……………. JULY!

The only day this week we were both free was today, so he came over as arranged late morning, and I welcomed him in and offered a coffee. We chatted about loads of things before getting around to the actual reason for him being here….. the artwork. I was happy to explain and discuss it but really it didn’t need it, he was happy, I was happy, and he took it with him when he left ten minutes later.


Lancaster ink thick line finishedBut that artwork was the sum of many hours of hard work for me. I had to spend time learning about the subject, and then finding the right images for the composition, then doing the working pencil drawings, then the ink ones, which was what he wanted. Then when the first one was done, he wanted another one shaded in with more detail. Two very simple drawings, but an awful lot of concerted effort to get to that point.

So, I now know an awful lot more about Lancaster Bombers than I did before he asked me to do this job for him!


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