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What’s black and white and red all over

I’m waiting at the moment to hear from the couple I did the white on black drawings for last week, to see if they are happy with the slight (but difficult!) minor adjustments that they wanted me to do. They had explained at the time that they were away for the weekend so I knew there would be a bit of a delay for their decision making. So, that’s on hold til I do…..

PeachesOver the weekend I was minding my own business sitting in the sunshine when a man and woman I know well enough to say hi to, but not much more than that, plonked themselves down on either side of me, grinning. Helloooo ……. I wondered what this was about. A couple of comments, and then it came to light when he said that she had pointed out my website to him and they had seen the white on black drawings I do, and they wanted one doing of them as soon as they have found a place to rent together (I gathered it was imminent rather than long term). I said with a smile I’d be delighted to do that for them! She kept joking “For a fiver!” and I laughed and said she could have it done for a fiver if she meant it, but it would only be ONE minute of my time! I knew she was joking as she said it, but she’s a lively character and the sort to joke. Later on, when they had gone off to sit back in their places, within earshot of me, they kept making friendly comments and after a while she called over “I love you Jackie” and I replied with a grin “I love you too!” to which her response was “I love you more!” I really felt I had my fan club around me that day, even if it was only two of them! Surreal and nice, all at the same time!


Man of mystery


And today’s news? Well I received an email from the guy I did the oil painting of with him sitting on the red leather sofa wearing a red venetian feathered mask since he had shown the photographer the painting, which was done from photos that she had taken. I don’t think she knew of the painting being done and he said her reaction was

“The photographer was surprised – but she loved it. The move onto the sofa was so good I had to point out that she hadn’t taken me on the sofa in that pose. She was very impressed”

I told him in reply that I was delighted to hear that reaction from her, and the fact she hadn’t realised that I had moved him to the sofa was even better, since she like me will be used to looking at the details of light and shadow happening around the subject. I try to make it look as natural as possible and if it fooled even her, I’m delighted, and thanked him for letting me know. Happy day!!





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