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Wallowing in pinkness

I made a promise a couple of months ago to do a painting for someone, not knowing what the painting would be of. It would be their choice of subject in the painting, and it would be my gift to them for their wedding day. I knew they were thinking of something possibly from their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Of course when they got back from their honeymoon there was so much to talk of, the wedding day which was beautiful, the honeymoon, the comments of family and friends. I knew I would have to wait a bit for them to settle down and come back to earth again before I would get a decision. Today as I am in a lull between jobs I sent a brief email as a gentle reminder asking if they had decided on an idea for the picture, and got the reply that I had hoped for, not the one that had been first thought of, but for me a better one.

wedding cherry blossomBecause I am really into pink at the moment.

And for as long as I can remember I have loved cherry blossom. I remember it in the garden when I was a child and the last house I lived in had two different cherry trees – one pale pink, the other a deeper cerise. Having visited Japan during cherry blossom time I fully comprehend their love of the cherry trees blossoming after the bleakness of winter, when the people sit under and walk though the avenues of cherry trees as the delicate blossoms fall from the trees carpeting the ground below in the ethereal beauty. Yep, I love cherry blossom.

And the picture the happy couple want painting is the one I took on their wedding day and loved the best of all. It was when they did their speeches to the wedding guests in the delightful setting of the garden of the old pub that they had their wedding reception in. The pub itself was quaint and pretty and the Kentish village it was in was incredibly picturesque. They stood under the very pretty white wrought iron gazebo, and the late afternoon sunshine shone through the trees behind, one of which was a pink cherry blossom, and I thought it the prettiest setting for them to have their photos taken in, and like a lot of other people that day, took a few good photos.

And that is what they want painting, that picture.

I’m a happy bunny. I haven’t asked them if they want the painting in watercolours or acrylics or any other medium. There is only one choice for cherry blossom as far as I am concerned….. it will be in watercolours!

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