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Just an offhand comment

PeachesLeading to me getting a lovely commission to do two sexy white on black erotic drawings  ….

from chatting with them over a few glasses of cider and finding out more about them because

I’d taken photos of them in the nude because

They had decided on the poses they wanted from

Chatting with each other because

I suggested that they practice the poses they want in a mirror as

He knew in his head what he wanted the poses to be but she wasn’t so sure as

They had waited years to find an erotic artist and had discussed it on many occasions but

Until I showed them some of my other drawings and set ideas off in their heads they

Hadn’t had the chance to do anything about it until

He invited me to come over and meet his wife for a chat as

He overheard me laughingly say to someone that I am an erotic artist as he stood beside me as I was served a cup of tea

Just an offhand comment… and look where it lead!



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