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I’ve spent my week with a mysterious man in feathers

I’m always happy to spend my time with interesting people, and this week has been one of those times. The interesting person was male, and seated on a leather settee, and was naked except for a beautiful Venetian feathered mask. The leather settee was bright, post box red. The feathered mask was also red, with gold detail. The person though, wasn’t living, or breathing, he was captured within my oil paint on canvasP1040873Β from a photo he had sent me. He wasn’t sitting on the settee in the photo he sent me. Neither was he wearing a mask. But he sent photos of both settee, and stunning mask, for me to clothe him in it, and seat him upon it….

Lots of red in the painting, and very dramatic! I love it.

And the painting was completed yesterday.

And the client is very happy with the image I have sent him of it…….

So, two happy bunnies this week! πŸ™‚


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