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Re-united under a different time zone

Life’s a funny thing. We all meet people who we like, connect with, and get on fine with in a comfortable way. Then one day, for whatever reason they’re not there. It may be a change in the needs of the family, moving away through work, new friends in that persons life who move them in exciting new directions leaving you behind, sometimes you just grow apart with no intentions of anything except you’ve not seen each other for ages. A few years ago someone who I will always have a connection with reappeared spectacularly after a break of thirty years! But one of the rapports that is a strong one, is the one between artist and muse. They both feel it, as something special. But the artist also draws other people and the muse models for other artists too, as they both know other people in the art world. And sometimes when there are other pressures in other directions its easier to have a break from each other for a variety of reasons. So that was what happened to us. Meditation Since then, I got divorced, moved house, settled into a new life. And painted lots of different things. Every so often I am contacted by people who want to buy something I have painted, and that was what happened last week. A random question from a number I didn’t recognise, about a drawing I did called “Meditation”. The drawing was the first one that started me on the erotic art path, so it will always be special for me, and it was the start of many that I painted with the model who I loved to draw more than anyone else.  I soon realised that it was her who was enquiring about a print of it, so it was just easier to pick up the phone, call her to talk properly and catch up with the last few years. The conversation flowed, as it does with old friends. We also arranged to meet up for her to collect the print of the drawing that we both love. The first drawing of many.   On the appointed day, we were probably both a little nervous, but that soon went, with a hug and a smile, it was great to see her again, and the time flew by, an ease of familiarity based on art and femininity. Whether I will draw her again, I don’t know, but we both know that its a start of something new, something different based on the past but with a new twist.

4 thoughts on “Re-united under a different time zone”

  1. Di – The person I was referring to was a guy I went to school with and out with for a while who reappeared unexpectedly in my life 30 years later. The muse who popped up in my life recently was after a five and half year break….. so neither were a break of thirteen years

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