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I always knew this drawing was special

You  know, as an artist, deep inside, when a piece of art you create is a good one. I can name all the ones over the years that I have created that I have that particular feeling about. Meditation

But this week I was reminded, in a very good way, about one in particular. It was done about fourteen years ago, and was the very first drawing I did that was purely erotic, rather than just a life drawing pose. Although at the time, the drawing should have been a life drawing pose, the way I drew it, made it something else. I knew instantly at the time, as did the model in question, she loved it, and loved what I could see of her in it. It is one of those pictures that currently hangs on my wall, since I don’t want to sell it, along with another few choice favourites. I entitled it “Meditation” since that is what it looked like to me, the model in deep thought with her head down slightly, concentrating hard and show it here so you can see the simplicity of it, the hidden aspects that make the picture interesting for what you can’t see, but fill in, within your own head.

Its one that has been on my website for a few years to showcase my work. And this week, it spoke to someone else. Someone I haven’t seen for a long time. Someone who matters.

2 thoughts on “I always knew this drawing was special”

  1. I think I was Ashley a sleep when you drew me Jackie, I look forward to actually owning it, a very personal piece for me.

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