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Butterflies and lots of love

Some weeks ago I had an idea for two paintings. Both paintings have a theme, and both excite me a lot with their concept and the message they portray. They both feature English landscapes, and a couple in love within it, they both have trees and sunlight, water and rocks, and a pair of butterflies symbolising their love and future happiness together.

The first one is called “Lets fly away together” and is set in the beautiful gardens of Hever Castle in Kent. I took the working photo there last summer on a gloriously hot sunny day and as soon as I took the photo I knew I wanted to paint a picture of it. This is that painting, and I love the butterflies in the foreground  symbolising love, happiness, the future, and the passing of time and beautiful things. There is a lot of texture in this painting, as most of it was painted with a palette knife other than the details of the couple and the butterflies themselves. I love the dappled sunlight through the leaves and on the path, I love the line of high-lights beyond the tree, I love the steps, and the rocky bank, infact there isn’t anything that I don’t love in this painting!Lets fly away together website




The second painting is called “On the wings of love” and is set in the Lake District, on Lake Windermere if I remember correctly, and is from a photo I took a few years ago again in July, and again, the minute I saw the photo I knew I wanted to paint the picture of that little rocky outcrop with the trees growing on it and the sunlit water lapping around it. The happy couple contemplate the hills and water as the pair of butterflies fly above them, symbolising love and their future happiness. Again, there isn’t anything I don’t love in this painting, either, from the changes in colouring of the water to the sunlight through the trees, the pink and purple shadows in the foreground and the butterflies above.

I adore both these paintings for their similar happy message and their typical English countryside settings. I love the sunlight on them, and the vivid colours in the texture, and most of all I love the butterflies! Two happy paintings, that make me smile everytime I see them…… On the wings of love

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