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Seven days and seven words

Its not been a ……good week. The things I want to do, I have not been able to do. Partly because I am waiting for two other people to get back to me with answers and I hate that *hanging around not sure what’s happening* feeling. I like to have a plan, an aim, a direction to go in. And the thing at the moment is I am unsure which direction is the best one. Do I go in a new direction or follow the well known path. It’s normal every so often in life for everyone to ask this. And maybe its not helping that I always dislike the dreary greyness of February, and this one brought more tedious and unexpected and certainly unwarrented problems with it than the past few have.

But… now we are in March, and the sun is shining, and the temperature a little warmer with the first hints of greenery forming.

The things that have been on my mind, are the things that I know I need to mull over. The answers won’t spring up though right infront of me. It never happens like that.

April light on treesBut I am also aware that good and bad happens in batches. That sometimes you just have to ride the bad stuff for a while because the good WILL happen. Although it seems it won’t. And sometimes, its the small stuff that is the turning point. I had one of those yesterday. And today, something in the post that came with a promise of good.

So maybe its on the turn.

And I need to do the tried and tested things that help for me to put the good back in my life. Dwelling on the bad only makes me feel worse. I need to get back to thinking of the good. And there has been so much good that it far out weighs the bad.

So, today I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. It doesn’t sound a lot, does it? 🙂 But, mowing the grass makes me feel good. I love the uniformity of the blades of grass, I love the smell, I love the sight afterwards of a neat lawn. I love the fact that mowing grass makes me think of spring and summer. And new life is blossoming in the garden.

And next week I have a plan to put into action. Its something that I have been mulling over for the last week or so in idle moments. Helped by a phone conversation today, when the person who knows me very well said in one short sentence the answer I had been looking for. Seven words.


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