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Passionate moments

David and Martyn at The Royal Crescent, Bath - past, present and futureI’ve done as many detailed working drawings as I can for the moment regarding Dambuster planes and bombs and am waiting for the client to get back to me with his responses to the logo ideas that I’ve come up with, before I can do any more. And time to catch up on blog posts whilst I wait.

Over the weekend I was introduced to aPeter and Miranda, past, present and future (2) couple I hadn’t met before, by a couple who knew them, and knew me. I was introduced as “This is Jackie, she’s an artist, an erotic artist!” which is usually a good opener of conversations. I smiled and said a couple of lines, but was more interested in the way the guy had been introduced to me since the second sentence, after his name, was the fact that he’d broken his back recently and had steel pins down the length of his spine. His wife got out her phone to show me the photos of the incredible surgery work he’d had done on it, and he lifted the back of his tee shirt to show me the scars. It looked horrific, but then its going to, if you fall vertically off a high ladder and fall flat on your feet, he was lucky his feet and legs didn’t break as well.

After we talked at length about his operation, we got on to the subject of me being an artist and what sort of artwork I do. I started telling them, and could see they were interested so that encouraged me to talk more about it, it always helps doesn’t it, when you get on well with people and they WANT to know about you, as I wanted to know about his back operation. He and she both asked the odd question, so I told them, about the most difficult picture I’ve ever done (Contemplating the shadows – a watercolour landscape depicting one mans relationship with the three most important women in his life), and the international Fantasy Fanny paintings being the ultimate vibrant feminine pContemplating the shadows (2)ortrait, the complex erotic landscapes, the Gothic wedding painting for Peter and Miranda celebrating their love of history, the white conte pencil on black background erotic drawings, the pretty living flame portraits,  the pet portraits when the client has cried at seeing it, the joyfully surreal oil painting in a limited colour scheme of the Royal Crescent at Bath done for a gay couple with all their family and pets depicted with them and the wind painted in silver as an entity all on its own colour coordinated to match the wallpaper of their Grade 1 listed house in Bath, the seven Goddesses I painted in oils for a male white witch, the old cottage with the faces of the past inhabitants hidden in the garden surrounding it, the picture of Stuart at 75 depicting all the important aspects of his life up to that age, the Goddesses of the divine feminine (2)dancers, the tigers, all of it. I talked, and described, and explained, and told the background stories, the clients and their requests, and their reactions to the artwork I had done for them, the people I have sold my work to, and the special paintings that are hanging on many walls that make other peoples lives happier for having them. And realised that we’d been talking for an hour or more, and added in every so often the oft used phrase from me “I just love painting pictures for people, it’s what I do”. And at the end of it, after I’d shown them some of my paintings on the I-pad,  they eagerly said that they wanted to go and look at my website and he said, with great feeling,  that he had never heard anyone talk with such PASSION about anything!  I stopped and looked at him, and knew I had talked with lots of passion, as I do on this subject. My subject, my art, my clever paintings. And was so gratified that he understood it, and could hear it in me, and knew how much it came from the heart. And hope that its inspired him to want something painted with my passion for his passion…. which might just be a special vintage red sports car…..


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