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Happy Christmas wishes

Well after the hectic rush of photographing, drawing, and finishing last week’s commission, its gone off today to its recipient at one end of the country to be wrapped up ready to be delivered for Christmas at a different location. I’m not showing it here in this post since the person it is for hasn’t seen or received it yet but I will show it to you in a later post. Probably with the photo I worked from so you can see how taking out various items within the photo has helped so much in enhancing the artwork and focus and artistic licence.  

After spending the weekend  happily enjoying good times with excellent friends and a large amount of alcAmboise cafe night -liquify1ohol I am virtually ready for Christmas.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas to all my friends and I wish every happiness for you with your loved ones over the festive period.  Like a lot of people I always find this time of year bitter sweet since we all remember loved ones who aren’t with us, and happy times when they were. But they are with us in spirit, and in the happy laughter over meal tables, in the familiar fond memories of a certain recipe or family tradition that is passed down through the generations. And in a love or hate of sprouts I believe!

Have a good one!


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