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Sometimes you just have to accept that no matter what your best efforts are, there is something that you cannot get around. Some things are unstoppable.

And no matter how much I am enjoying painting my latest painting, no matter how much I want to get it done, no matter how I am aching to show it to the world in its full completion. I had to put it on hold.

For the deluge.

I’ve had colds before, I tend to have a couple a year, infact I had one less than a month ago which was mostly amusing for the fact it came with laryngitis and my voice went unreliably squeaky. I dose myself up with Vitamin C, and know that after a couple of days of sniffing, or coughing, or a sore throat, it will go and I can get on with my work again. But not this time. This one was vicious, and I had had a pre warning of it since my fella had it the week before, and I saw how it affected him. And he generously passed it on to me.

Welcome to the deluge.

It started mildly enough on Friday afternoon, mmmmm……. I think I’m starting a cold, yep, definitely, there’s the start of something gently tickling inside my nose.

We cancelled all plans for the weekend, and by Saturday it had started.

My fella warned me it would be worse on Sunday, and he was right. It made Saturday, which was undeniably drippingly wet, and sneezy, violent sneezes that pulled stomach muscles in their noisy intensity, seem like an easy day. By Sunday, the thought of doing anything that wasn’t sitting on the settee, dosed up with ibroprufen but still with a headache,  with a box of tissues in arms length, and the disgusting wet ones piling up in a papier mache pile of goo infront of me, was all I could manage. My lovely man cooked dinner since I was beyond being bothered what we ate, and we had an early night.

Monday, was bad, but a tiny bit less so, so was spent again on the settee reading, since I certainly wasn’t going to do anything else. My head was heavy, my nose so sore, and a bowl of chicken soup all that I was bothered about eating. My fella told me to rest and not try to do anything, so that was what I did.

Today, after spending most of it still reading, I feel like I’ve got my body back. This morning when I awoke, my first thought wasn’t where are the tissues I’m going to sneeze my head off again! By this evening I feel refreshed, and full of energy again.

The deluge has gone.


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