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At what point do you say its what it is

At what point do you say a picture is complete?

At the first thought, when its just a concept?

At the first working drawings when its just an idea you’re working on?

At the end of working on the working drawings when you can’t wait to get it painted cos you’ve thought all the ideas through and there is no more you can do but start…

When you draw it out properly on the canvas, and then start putting on the first flashes of colour?

When you work on it building up the first coat.

Then the secondary coats.

Then the next coats, until the texture has built up, the form is there, the picture is making sense?

When you look and look at it, and think “It’s done” and put your brushes down?

When you look at it again the next day and know that another single mark on it will ruin it?

When its sent off to the framer to be dressed in the frame that will show it off to its best ability?

To the time it is hung in the gallery, ready for others to see it.

To the time that some ONE will look at it, and will see it the way you want them to see it, and they will know with all certainty that they want to buy it, they cannot live without it, they must have it on their wall, to view every day, because it makes them feel happy and complete to own it.

Then, the painting becomes the picture.

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