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You can’t ask for more

The summer holidays start here (2)I like to do my bit to help others, most of us do, don’t we. And that’s how I’m viewing this gallery sale at the moment, it’s my way of passing on some of my artwork at very very affordable prices to appreciating buyers. I know I COULD ask for a lot more, and know that there would be a lot of people telling me (with a firm tone, serious eyebrows and wag of the finger) that I REALLY SHOULD be! But, my thoughts are that the pictures in the gallery sale are decent pictures, and will make someone happy, and the pictures should be on someones wall, rather than stored with me, not being seen or enjoyed… Art should be enjoyed.

So Monday was spent packing the sold ones up and sending them on to their new homes. And Thursday was spent sorting out, photographing, and measuring the new ones for the next auction sale. But in the meantime there is another one ending this weekend on ebay, and hopefully more bargaiSt Ives (2)ns to be snapped up, with three of them shown here.


Just to show if there was any doubt (there hasn’t been!) about the artwork being sold cheaply in the gallery sale, the best part was reading the two feedbacks I’ve had on ebay this week………..



“arrived safe and sound a superb painting well chuffed”      

Great seller, quality item, quick delivery. You can’t ask for more”

 So, two happy buyers, who apBeach treasures (3)preciate the absolute bargains they have! Lets hope there’s some more happy buyers next week making the most of this offer!  



I’ve had a strange sinus headache for the last three days, that not even ibroprufen would shift!!  I’ve never had a headache that wouldn’t go, like this one before. So have felt a bit under the weather and not ready to plan new artworks. But, whatever it was, is starting to go, and my head is clear again. So now I am back to the thinking-planning-painting stage of a week ago. Ready to think of something, well, exciting! Mmmmmm………

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