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Silence is not golden when it squeaks

Its been a strange week of only having half a head and something valuable being stolen. 

Half of my head isn’t enough to do what I wanted to do, so I’ve had to draw back on running on full tilt for the last few days. The missing part of my head went with the cold that I’ve had which came with something extra – laryngitis. I had a slight headache in a slight cold  in the head sort of way, it was when the phone rang that I had the problem. My voice came out as a croak, or a squeak, or a strained whisper, or all three! That was all I could manage, much to the amusement of my fella of course. Although nothing I could do other than resting my voice and after three days my voice is virtually back to normal again I’m pleased to P1050903find…….

I need a whole head to be able to do what I want to do next though, which is another painting.

The thing is I’m not quite sure where to start on it. I don’t have artists block, I never have that, but what I do have is the chance for a big think about exactly what the subject will be. Because I want to get it right. I have read and written and now its time to paint. But what I want to do is go in the right direction, and I feel that I am at a cross-roads. I have four ways to go, and three of the ways might be right in the short term, but I want it in the long term. I don’t want to start down the wrong road and have to come back again, so I’m glad of the thinking week even if it is with half a head!

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