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Lumping it all together

When you get news that doesn’t go in the direction you were expecting it’s natural to think that it was a from a bad decision. My philosophy is always to go to the positive, to learn from the negative and move on in a positive way. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t lump all the bad decisions together and think that the whole lot of them make one big negative and perhaps its time for a change. Any change. A massive change altogether in another direction.

But if you can do that with the bad, then you can also do it with the good, I’m telling myself! Take the good and lump it all together and find the positive stuff then out of it. And there is an awful lot of positive. And maybe the positive will go in the direction I want it to go in, but maybe I have to find a slightly different way around the maze to get there. A dead end should be learnt from. Start again and go in another direction.

So………………………… I know what I can do, its just letting others find out about it too.

The route isn’t an easy one though.

And possibly not the one I had hoped it would be.

Breath of fresh air

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