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Continuing with the gallery sale – more absolute bargains to be had!

Angels without diamonds (3)Skimmia red and green (3)The gallery sale has been a success already, even though its still got another couple of days to go on ebay I know that some people already have taken their opportunities to grab a bargain. There’s still chance to see if there’s something you want to make a bid on, and as well as the original paintings I’ve now added some more! These chances really don’t come around often, so make the most of them whilst they do!

The new pictures are an eclectic mix of work – some still life, fantasy art, flowers, shells, a beach, St Ives, Dartmouth, a cottage, angels, fairy, and pheasants! I know that I have started off the bidding at really low prices, and if they go at their starting price, they go at that price!

 Green and pheasant land

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