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Around and around until it goes flying off

Fire AlarmAs an artist I know that when I paint a picture for an exhibition I expect it to sell. Of course I do, I wouldn’t have painted it otherwise. I pay for it to be framed, I pay for it to be entered into an exhibition, and if it sells, I pay the percentage commission to the venue. If it doesn’t sell, I store it, and pay for it to be entered into another exhibition, and if it sells I pay the percentage commission to the venue. If it doesn’t sell again, the process goes on and on til it does sell. Sometimes I pay for it to go into a new frame, thinking that it may freshen the picture up and try it at the next exhibition. Sometimes I look at a picture and know its a good one but I just haven’t put it infront of the right person yet who will become its buyer. In the meantime, as a talented artist, I want to paint something else, some other subject matter that excites me, and want to sell the older work so that I can focus on the new work. I know that the older work is good, that it has a good value, but want to sell it to make room both mentally and physically for the new artwork I want to create.

And that’s why I’m haviCute kidsng a gallery sale this week on ebay 🙂

To make room, to get on with the new art that is inspiring and exciting me!Kiss (2)

I know that the gallery sale means that I am taking the chance that the pictures will sell at a far lower price than I would like. But at least they are going to someone who wants them, who will value them, and they will be put on someones wall for others to see. Thats what art should be, seen and admired, and valued!

Have a look at the pictures, there may be something you want, and the starting prices are so very low, here’s your chance to get some great artwork at very reasonable prices!

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