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The perfect end to a dry patch

I heard today that this September has been the driest since records began. I know the gardens need the rain and no doubt in a couple of weeks time we’ll have forgotten all about the end of summer and will be thinking of autumn setting in, but until then I’ve been loving the warm and sunny month we’ve just had. As an artist who paints inside in my (dry!) studio  you’d wonder why it mattered, but it does, the weather has an impact on how I feel and how I paint. Cold, grey, miserable days are not very inspirational. Warm, sunny, dry ones are!

Today I delivered a painting to a client’s mother since those were my instructions and had a very pleasant chat with her as she welcomed me into her house and we discussed various things and places and people we were connected with, mostly of Repton since that is where she lives and where I was brought up. When I asked her how long she had lived in the village the response was “Only 27 years” which sounds like a joke but possibly wasn’t since some places take a while to accept new comers!

After I left her I went over to Willington Marina meeting up with my man there and having a very amiable cup of tea and slice of cake in the warm sunshine overlooking the glittering water and many canal boats. A new building has been completed since I was last there with designer shops selling fabulous clothes and bags, so we wandered around for a bit before heading home.

At the moment I have finished all that I have needed to finish and am in a state of preparation for the next stage. Its a good day for it to be today.

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