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St Saviours is the missing link

St Saviours working photoLiking to get all commissions done as soon as I can, since I never know what work is coming in, I’ve spent this week working on the latest one. Also in part because the painting in question is needed for Christmas and there might be a slight logistical delay in delivering it to the client so the sooner I did it, the easier it would be for the client.

The painting in question was requested as a third painting to hang on the wall celebrating  the love between two people. Already hanging on the wall is a painting of the town where the couple met at university, and another of the place where they had their honey moon. What was requested from me was a painting of the church where they were married to make up the “set”. Although I didn’t paint either of the other two paintings, I was asked if I could match my painting to the other two. I asked for a photo of the two paintings and the client most helpfully sent me a few clear pictures of the two paintings in situ, and in more detail so I could see how they were painted. I could see that they were both in watercolour and I could match them for the client, and we agreed a size and medium, and price for the painting. He took some photos of the church for me, although the photos he took were taken in an overcast August, whereas he wanted the weather and season in the painting to be in April with watery sunshine. Mmmmm…. ok, that’s a little challenging, but I can do it…..

We discussed the best St Saviours Church half doneangle of the church for the composition, and he gave me the instruction for which photo he wanted me to work from. Oh, and he wanted to see a “half way through” painting so he could see how it was progressing………


After drawing out the picture on the watercolour paper, I made sure that the drawing was perfect since with churches its all the tiny details that make up the building. Then put the first washes on, the sky, the trees, the grassy area infront of the church, and the first wash for the church and the wall infront of it. It was at that point that I took the photo of the “half way through” point and sent it to the client, who was delighted with it and excited to see how it would look when finished.

The next stage was to put more details into the background trees, and the trees to the right of the church, the stone wall infront of the church was aged with lichens which I painted in, the church itself with the old stonework, sitting in the graveyard, and the iron gates in their stone gateway infront of the church. It seems to be a simple picture, but its the simple ones that have to be right in the drawing, and the details, so actually take a lot of work for the fine small details that make the picture. When I finished the painting I looked at it against the two other paintings it will hang with, and made a couple of stronger tones in the church windows to match the depth of tone of the others. They will look great together, and although painted by three different artists, they aSt. Saviour's Church, Foremark (2)re a cohesive whole.

So here are the two parts to the painting, half way through, and finished, and the photo that I have worked from. The church is St. Saviour’s in Foremark, near Repton in South Derbyshire.




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