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Demure (2)The phone rang yesterday and as I answered it, a womans voice asked  “Ann?” and I replied that no it wasn’t she had left this house four years ago. “Oh, do you have her new phone number?” she asked. I replied “Well, with due respect to whoever you are, if she hasn’t given it to you in four years, she possibly doesn’t want you to have it! But if you want to give me your details I’ll pass them on to her for you.” . “Fair enough” she said and gave me her number and explained why she was ringing, and I rang Ann straight away explaining what had happened. She thanked me and smiled at the way I had fielded the phone call. Then said “Oh, I’m glad you’ve rung!” and went on to say that she had asked me a few months ago if I would do a talk to her local WI group and was in the process of sorting out next years programme, and when suited me to do it. We made the date, agreed a price that we’re both happy with, and I asked how many would be there for the meeting – maybe 15 she thought, maybe less. Ok, and what exactly do you want me to talk about? “Oh, being an erotic artist!” she said “I’ve told them all about it!”. I smiled, ok, if that was what they want, that is what I’ll talk about! 🙂

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