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Here it is, the answer to the meaning to life!

After writing in my last blog post about the meaning of life, I’ve had some lovely reactions to it……

And now can reveal what it is.

Are you ready?

Ok, well, after long and hard consideration I can say that I know the answer to the meaning to life. I am an avid people watcher, I am interested in lots of diverse people, I talk to people from all walks of life, from spiritual people, to scientists, artists, accountants, business people, home-makers, and high flyers! And for all people, in all walks of life, whatever their age from new born babies to very old people, the answer is the same.

The meaning of life is………………. in three words……………………………. Sorting out problems.

That’s it!

Every day, we have problems to sort out. From finding enough food to live on, or earning enough money to live the way we want. From fighting for survival, or problems with our health, from keeping warm, and a roof over our heads, protecting our family, or building up a career, learning an education, sorting out quality time to be with friends, travelling to important places, booking holidays, fighting legal problems, living the way we want, finding spiritual fulfillment, exploring science, passing on knowledge, gaining power, influencing people, learning ways of being creative, or finding novel ways to relax.

Its all sortAzure shimmer (2)ing out problems. That’s all we do. Different problems on different days, and they change as we go through life. But that’s it, that’s the whole meaning of life as far as I am concerned.

However, my friend who I was chatting to at the weekend, who is an intellegent man who knows business, and life, and people, from a totally different direction from the one I know, sums up “the meaning of life” as something else.

Just one word. And that word is …………………………. “Shopping”.

Before you scoff, and think to yourself “That’s rubbish, there’s more to life than that”, think deeply about it.

What would you do if you won the big prize on the  lottery? You’d buy a bigger house, a nicer car, go on holidays, buy nice clothes and jewellery, you’d travel, stay in nice hotels, and maybe invest in a business. Till you got bored. Then you’d look for another house, better cars, an art collection, a race horse, a yacht in Monaco.

It’s all Shopping!

You do it all the time, you do it to make yourself happy. And in the meantime, before you win the lottery, you “shop” – ok, it might be shopping for basics like food, or paying for electricity, or rent, or for petrol for the car, but its all shopping.

So that’s it, thats the secret to life for you. From two people who know! 🙂

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