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And how did you hear of me

wc 1 (2)It may be only the beginning of September but I’ve got a nice commision to do for someone who likes to arrange things early, as a Christmas present for his wife. He’s told me what he wants painting, the church he and his wife were married in, and sent me images of two places that are important to him, where they met at university, and where they had their honeymoon. And he’s asked me to match the painting I do of the church to the two existing paintings he has. Yes, that’s no problem I said when he sent me images of where the painting is to hang, and what it is to be matched to. Since it is a surprise I am not going to tell you where or what it is. We’ve discussed the best composition for the painting, and he’s asked me to change the weather from the photo he has sent me, to the same sort of weather as the day and time of year they were married. Yes, thats no problem I can do that. We’ve agreed a price and the size of the painting. Just one more question……….. I asked…..

“And as a matter of interest, how did you hear of me?”

“Because of two paintings you’ve already done for my parents, of Woburn, and Barton under Needwood” he replied.

“Well that’s very interesting” I replied “I’ve painted many different pictures in my life, but none of Woburn, or of Barton under Needwood!”

So, I have a commission to do because someone thinks they already have paintings done by me, and want me to do another one.

And the funny thing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened! 🙂

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