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My ongoing spy training

I have learnt over the years that there are various ways of handing over a commission for a client.

Usually, the client has seen the image via email and has given their agreement that it is finished and that they are delighted with it. Then, after the final payment has been made there is a handing over of the artwork itself, possibly via a courier if the distance is too great, but usually face to face. I love to see the look on the face of a client as they see the actual painting that they’ve had created through me. I adore the way they fall in love with it, the more they look at it. Then they want other people they are close to, to see it, to show it off. That’s what I am used to.

But earlier this year, there was a change in the pattern, in that the couple that the present was for knew exactly what the picture was about, but the person paying for it didn’t. So when she came to collect it, she wanted it wrapped anonymously in brown paper before presenting it with close family members to the couple for their wedding gift.

And then this summer I painted a picture where the couple in it had not seen it at all, and fully trusted that the picture would be exactly what they had commissioned me to do. It was presented to them in anonymous brown paper, and she opened it as part of her birthday celebration and fell totally in love with it. She and he hadn’t needed to see an email image of it, as they knew the picture would be exactly as she expected it to be!

 But I have found that there is another way.

I didn’t know when I began my career as an artist that it would involve acting like a spy!

Whilst at a social gathering this month, someone there had a lovely time, chatting with friends and having a nice drink. But they were totally oblivious to the fact that someone very close to them left the room for a short time on some inocuous reason. They were also oblivious to the fact that I did too, through a different door, a short time later.

As far as they were concerned it was a normal social event with friends and they were oblivious that there was a handing over of artwork, that didn’t look like artwork.

They will see it, at some point. But not yet.

And hopefully they will find it a lovely surprise when they do. I really hope so……………………………

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