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I’ve found it!

I’ve found it! The thing I’ve been looking for for the last three weeks. After a long search digging deep inside myself I have found it!

The problem was finding the thing that I want to paint, the thing that will inspire me, and others too.

My Unique Selling Point.

Because I didn’t want it to be the same as anyone elses, well, we have the *Unique* aspect to consider. And my huge problem was that I paint sooooooooooo many fabulously diverse things, and lots of them are very similar subjects to other artists. And I wanted MY subject, not theirs.  Hence the long deep thinking, the soul searching, the intense note making, the hard considerations and big analysis of my vast inner knowledge. I have looked down so many different pathways considering possibilities, but come back to this one every time, its the right oneAcrylic paints for me, and I think others will see why when they see it.

Now I’ve found it, I can paint! And have started painting the first one. But, and this is the point, I can easily find variations within that subject matter that will still always inspire me but give me variations within the subject matter to give them their own personality. And their personality is English, and that’s important too, since that is what I am.

Paint is going on canvas, and it’s looking good! 🙂

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