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Its not a secret that there aren’t many women artists

There was an article on the radio yesterday discussing why there aren’t many women artists, and of course I pricked my ears up when it came on. Expecting them to say the obvious (to me) answer. They talked about women artists not being taken seriously by men, and there not being many women artists exhibiting in the right galleries. They talked about how many women students there were compared to men, and then the article finished. With me starting incrediously at the radio. And that’s it? That’s all you’re going to mention about it? To me there was a startling reason staring them in the face that wasn’t even alluded to.

I am an artist, and a woman.

I don’t have any children.

If I did have children I wouldn’t be such a dedicated, professional artist.

I would be a mother firticknall (5 of 53) (2)st, and an artist second. The artist part of me would be put to one side whilst I brought up my children, spent time with them, and then when they had children of their own, I’d want to spend time with my grandchildren whilst they grew up.

But because I don’t have children, I can paint, and read articles about painting, and go to art workshops to learn more about painting, and can reach a bigger audience with my art.

And that’s why there aren’t so many women artists.

Its not rocket science is it, its biology!

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