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Around and around and still not painting

MMm….. this week I had planned on picking up a paint brush, a very important paintbrush. But so far I haven’t done. And the reason? Mmm… well this is the problem, the reason, is because I want to look at all angles of what I am considering before starting painting. I know what I had considered painting was good enough, was going to be great, and was what I wanted. But, and this is the crux of the problem, I am asking myself a big question, and that is “Can you do better?” and its that that’s stopped me painting this week. I will start painting, and it will be next week now, but I want to paint the right thing, not something that may turn out to be second best. Cos I should always do my best, and that relates to the subject matter as much as the method and technical ability. It should always be the best.

But……. what ……………..will it be?

My mind is focused, I’m on overdrive, and this is the big chance, but what will it be??????????????????????

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