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Pasts, presents and awaiting the future

As usual in my life I’ve had a week of  doing about five things relating to artwork I’ve done, want to do, and currently doing.

The one I want to do, and hoped to be starting next week as a commission for a client is on hold whilst she sorts out more prosaic matters before I can start it. Plus she wants some interesting and very meaningful symbols that are important to her to be incorporated into the painting and until I see them I can’t do anything. I’m intrigued with them though, since they have a spiritual meaning so will add a far more deeper poignancy to the picture. She is leaving me to hide them where I think best within the picture, which I am delighted at, I love doing things like that! And she knows it.

The picture that I’ve currently done  as a commission for another client needs to have three small changes to it before he receives it from me. They may be small changes but they are very important ones, so need to be right. I’ve been working on those this afternoon but am not fully happy with it yet and until I’m happy the client doesn’t get the picture.


But this week will be the airing of a painting I started in February and finished in March. The client who commissioned me to do it for her, hasn’t seen it. Not even an email image of it.  She knows what it is of, since she and her husband posed for the photos I took of her. She knows that its painted in acrylics, and the size of the canvas its painted on. She knows where she is going to hang it in her house. She just hasn’t seen it. She doesn’t want to see it, not yet.  She’s been happy to wait. But this week is a significant birthday celebration for her, and she wants to unveil it at her party. Mm…….. ok then, if thats what she wants. I’m confident that I’ve done everything in the painting that she asked for, but that doesn’t mean I won’t feel a slight ……. mmmm……………..apprehension beforehand………..

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