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Finding my one hundred

This week I am between commissions, all my work is done, and its given me chance to do something that I try to do every year.

But this year its even more intense than before. I don’t mean that the question is more intense, I mean that the search for the answer has been. My problem if you want to call it that, is a simple one, and in a way a nice one, but I still don’t know the answer to it. The reason being that the answer is too BIG and I have to narrow it down. But I have to narrow it down to a good right answer, not the wrong one. I’ll explain…..

Because I had my first commission at 13, because I am a talented artist who can paint anything in many different ways and have done so, I am not *just* an artist who paints portraits or landscapes or animals or erotic art. I am multi-faceted. I pride myself on the fact that whatever anwc 1 (2)yone wants me to paint I can paint. I love surreal art, abstract art, fantasy art, camouflague art, as well as the traditional representational art. All of that is a massive subject and keeps me endlessly fascinated. I love to paint in watercolours, which is the most difficult of mediums as it sometimes doesn’t go exactly the way you hope, oils, acrylics, pastels,  and to draw in pencil and pen and ink.  If you asked me to pick just one way of painting, oils for example, I would miss painting in acrylics and watercolours, and vice versa. I love painting in all of them, for all their characteristics and the delightful working process that creates such gorgeous end results. Likewise if you said to me that I could *only* paint erotic art, or animals, or landscapes for ever more, then I would miss the others. In a way I don’t want to be curtailed in what I can paint, and how I can paint it. But then, and this is the problem, people don’t know what I do for that reason….. Jackie paints tigers, erotic art, mermaids, fannies, people, dogs, erotic landscapes, landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and Venice.

You see the problem!

So my question to myself this week is, and this is the holy grail that I referred to in my last blog post. WHAT DO I WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR? What subject matter is the best subject matter to paint that everyone relates to? That the majority will love, and, and this is the important bit, that will keep me challenged and focused and excited and passionate and fascinated with whilst I do it.

And I think the answer may be that it won’t be erotic art.

But what else is there that will keep me motivated and excited?

There is only one answer to that.


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