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Flurries and fantasticals

Queynte 2 (2)Its Wednesday and so far I haven’t been able to do what I planned for Monday. This is Monday of this week, not next. But in the meantime I have been as usual busy with half a dozen other things……. the art board that I thought I’d finished last week and signed in an exciteable moment of finished-ness meant that I was gently informed that its in the stipulations that the boards can’t have any signatures and since I presumed I was doing the same as everyone else, meant that yesterday I had to return and paint over the bit where my signature was and of course, of all the paintpots that I bought and used up, the one colour I wanted was the one colour that I hadn’t got any more of….no matter, I will create a similar colour with three other colours – harvest moon plus velvet plus antique rose equal lavender (well nearly) and five minutes later, job done. Today I have returned to waterproof it since it will be hanging outside for a month and one thing you can guarantee in this glorious country is that it will rain during that time so it needs waterproofing. I have learnt something new this week, and that is that PVA glue is not only the carpenters friend, it is also the artists friend, well I knew that actually I’ve used it enough times for collage and mixed media, but what I didn’t know was that you can mix PVA glue and water in a 50/50 mix to waterproof artboards. The backside coat (not mine, the boards) was done today and hopefully the front end (the board, not mine) will be done before the week is through. I can’t wait to see it hanging in the town!

Added to that I am in conveQueynte 4 (2)rsation  this week with someone who wants a couple of tasteful  erotic drawings done of his wife. And also in conversation with a guy who wants an erotic life drawing done of himself. And also had a wonderfully long conversation with a woman in her 40’s who has been wanting a special painting done for a few months now based on an image that has touched her heart and soul, and it dawned on the two of us at the same time, that she and I were put into each others lives for that very reason. She has been looking for someone to paint this exciting picture for her, and that is what I specialise in, creating special paintings for people. So after our long chat this week I am waiting for her to send me the image that excites her so much for me to be able to chat further with her about it.

But……………. the painting that I am itching to get started on since last Monday is even more special than that. Its a new one to add to my favourite collection of my paintings. Another “Fantasy Fanny” to paint in vibrant and exciting colour, another female portrait but not of a face, another Queynte! And this one is a limited colour scheme, but very flamboyant in its colouring, and since the base colour is made of two primary colours it gives me a lot of lee way regarding colouring and tones. I love doing these paintings and its ages since I last did one. They are the ultimate portrait as far as I am concerned, the ultimate conversation piece to hang on the wall, and here are two that I did some time ago to remind you how fabulous they are……..

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