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Turn and turn about

This gorgeous extended sunshine is bringing in the changes in isn’t it. And with the changes in the seasons come the changes in the artwould too, and keeping it fresh is the ideal. So with that in mind I decided to change the paintings I have hanging as an ongoing exhibition at Hampsons Gallery in Ashby-de-la-Zouch that lovely lively town in North West Leicestershire. I checked yesterday with the gallery owner that it would be convenient to do it, and she happily agreed it was. But its not a case of sorting through my paintings and thinking ‘that’ll do’ its a case of finding the paintings that fit the gallery and the area and the buying public in that area and which will hang nicely together and that took an hour or more to do last night, choosing the paintings and wrapping them in bubble wrap to take them today, along with their title cards. And as I hung them, standing on top of the step ladders was delighted when the Gallery owner standing behind me admired my “Blue lagoon” pastel painting saying “Oooh, I love that one!” and called her son over “Come and look at this one that Jackie’Blue lagoon  (2)s done!”. So we’ll see how they do, its just finding that happy special *Someone* who goes “Wow” when they see it and wants to take it home with them.

But I do love this painting myself, its about the light through the ocean as it laps against a sandy shore, from the depths of the deep blue it lightens as it nears the beach and then just gently flows over the wet sand and then back to the ocean again. I just want to walk on that beach, to feel my feet in that warm silky water, to feel the sun on my shoulders and taste the salt in the air. And then I will go for a languid swim in that gorgeous blue……

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