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Time to go and make others happy now

I knew some weeks ago that today I would be saying goodbye. Its part of my creativity knowing that I have to do it. But this one has been such a big part of my life for longer than usual that it was always going to be a bit of a wrench.

The painting that is the wedding present from daughter to mother was collected today. The daughter doesn’t know what the painting is of, which is a first for me, particularly as it was  she who was paying for it. The request was for it to be wrapped in brown paper so that it couldn’t be seen when she came to collect it so last night I duely wrapped it in bubble wrap and securely in brown paper making it look like a lost parcel from the railway station, something non descript and unexciting…..

Today when she arrived, I let her in with a smile, since we met a couple of years ago but have had email conversations for the last six months regarding this painting.

I showed her into my studio and indicated the non descript uninteresting plain package sitting there and asked her about the forthcoming wedding, what she will wear for it, where it was to be held and where the bride and groom will be honeymooning.

Then asked with a curious interest whether she had any idea of what the image was of…… ? “No, none!” she replied easily. I asked with a smile what she might consider it could be….

“Something historical ……………” (smile and nod from me)

“Something to do with the family ……..” (smile and nod from me)

“Probably something with a cat in it……..” (smile and nod from me)

“Maybe in Wales……..” (smile and nod from me)

“Maybe abstract………. ” (smile and nod from me)

“Maybe something erotic ……… ”   (nod from me) as I smiled and said that I was going to nod at everything she said! And gave no clues as to what it was from what she said. She is patient and happy to wait, and part of the fun maybe is in not knowing, not guessing really.  

The unveiling will be the day after the wedding, when it will be just the immediate family. The mother is more excited about this than the wedding. And it turns out the daughter is too!!!! Yay, that makes me happy!


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