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Happy Seventh birthday blog

Well I had intended last night to write about the time seven whole years ago when I agonised over what to write for my first blog post. I can still write about but but can’t do the links to the posts as I have a blip on the  link to the archives which should be sorted out soon (I’m hoping!).   

The post I wrote then on that first day “Metaphorphis”  is as relevant as this week when I said that was the whole point of an artist who’s used to looking at naked bodies is I can add to the bits you’re happy with and take from the bits you’re not (thighs and bums, usually!) and produce the fantasy figure you wish you were and you can hang it on your wall and your friends can admire it for ever more – and no-one knows its not the real you with the lumpy bits underneath!

Over the following monthsRavenstone exh JA I wrote whatever was relevant to my life as an artist and made some good friends through my words. Perhaps I’m as much a writer as I am an artist, since I probably put an equal amount of words on a page as I do paint on paper. And as the months moved on becoming years I still wrote two or three times a week and still do. I try to keep it upbeat and interesting and although I don’t live in a Pollyannna world where I think only happy fluffy thoughts, I don’t see the point of writing about negativity.

So, to the good friends I’ve made in the last seven years I want to say how much I’ve loved your company and how you’ve brightened my life!

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