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Don’t try to ignore it

I knew something was missing last week when I was working on the erotic couple painting but carried on regardless (isn’t that a Carry On film…….?) and yes, my gut reaction was right, there was something missing. Not in the painting, in the making of it but then that in turn made the painting. But I carried on, thinking I could overcome it, and lo and behold after a couple of hours stood back and realised that trying to ignore something that I needed wasn’t going to improve it at all.  Ok…. lets do it then.

A quick flick of a switch, and I scanned the screen, searching for what I needed.

Ah yes…….

There they are, the little beauties……..

Come to me and work your magic….

Def Leppard – Pour some sugar on me, Queen – Tie your mother down, Black Box – Ride on Time, AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie, Bon Jovi – One wild night, Dr Feelgood – Milk and Alcohol, Free – All right now, Gary Moore – Over the hills and far away, Frankie goes to Hollywood – Relax, INXS – Suicide blonde, Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash, Slade – Run run away, T.Rex – Baby Boomerang, Tina Turner – Love thing, Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom Boom, Niche – Rythm is a dancer, Run DMC – Its like that, Beastie Boys – Fight for your right, Bodyrockers – I like the way, Bad Comapy – Honey Child, Elton John – Chapel of love,  ZZ Top – Viva Las Vegas , Jackson Brown – Barricades of Heaven……. Sex Machine – Friday night……Jennifer Lopez – On the floor…..Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound……. Madonna – Celebration….. Ram Jam – Black Betty……..

Yep that’s done it. Loud and clear…..

Picking my brush up, and moving with the rhythm, letting the music take me, letting it envelop me, the brush  moving in time to the fast beat, the thumping rhythm, the beating drums.

And at the end of the session, when the light is fading, I stand back from the picture, and say outloud “Wow!”

Thats done it, thats put the life in it!

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