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All shiny like a jewellers shop window

I’m getting very close to finishing the acrylic painting of the erotic couple, just pulling the final stages together putting in the tiny details that make the painting more visually appealing. Today I’m blending in the highlights on the skin and making the shapes of the body forms more pronounced. When that’s done I can finally put the jewellery in, and there’s quite a lot of that – a shiny watch, two rings, a pretty dangling belly bar and an almost partly hidden nipple ring. I quite like painting nipple bars as they contrast with the skin they are inserted in and catch the light with bright flashes of white. And then the decision as to what the background will be. At the moment there is a simple bluely purply background erotic coupleapplied just as a contrast to the skin tones. If I’d left the background white then I wouldn’t have got the skin tones to the right depth of colour, because skin is actually quite dark in the shadows. Painting a blue background immediately gives contrast to the flesh tones of the skin, and allows the colours to be better blended when the background is put in around the couple but not that they look like they’re superimposed on it, but actually IN the painting with soft lost and found edges. It will only be a simple background, its not like they will be in a room, or a landscape, but there will still have to be darks in some places and lights in others to add interest and appeal. Its looking good so far and I can’t wait to see it finished!

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