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Valentine’s day with lovers

Its St Valentines Day and I’ve spent it with a couple of lovers 🙂  I’ve been busy putting a smile on the face of the man and creating the twinkle in his eye as well as turning my attentions to his wife and her softer skin. I haven’t got to her cherry red lips yet though, that will have to wait til next time.  

The fact that they were on canvas and I was creating them in acrylic paint means that I have actually spent the day on my own. But later on I will spend it with my own Valentine and a nice bottle of rose wine over a home cooked meal, and maybe a bar of turkish delight since we both love it.

We were explRoses are red (2)aining to a friend of ours last weekend that Valentines Day has changed over the last few years. When I was a teenager you’d get a card from a secret admirer, who you hoped was the best looking lad you fancied but was more likely to be the spotty guy you never noticed behind you when you walked for the school bus. I remember the exhilarating thrill of receiving a card, and the cryptic note that would be written in it, reading and re-reading the message to soak up every delicious word and its hidden meaning. And later receiving red roses and words of seductive love again, and being taken out for meals and wine and looking into the eyes of a lover feeling the warm delight of being wanted and loved.  That for me is Valentines Day…….

So on this special day for lovers, I wish you happiness and true undying love. And my own red roses here in watercolour entitled “Roses are red” …. xx

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