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Hellooo, do you speak Engerlish in your land ?

Having been the Treasurer for an art group for eleven years I’m used to going to the local bank on an almost monthly basis. I don’t personally bank there so only go on art business.  On the visit this week there were the usual two female counter staff and when there was a vacancy I went to the counter and as usual, smiled, and passed over the paying in book and accompanying cheques……..

She looked at the paying in book and said.. “OOoh…. Ashby Guild of Artists, what’s that? “

“ER, a Guild of Artists…… based in…… Ashby”…… I said, a little nonplussed.

“Oh, what? Like artists who paint? “

“Well….MMm…. what other sorts are there? “

“You mean, galleries?”

“Yes, we go to galleries…”

“What to look at the paintings?”

“Mmm… well, yes”.

“Or to paint?”

“Sorry?  I don’t know what you mean…? “

“Are you artists who paint or do you just go to the galleries to look at the pictures? “

“Well, yes, we paint, as artists.”

“Ooh, that sounds nice!”

“Yes it is.” I said as I took the paying in book from her, and wondered what bloody planet she was on!



How else, exactly, would you define the word “Artist”? lol


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