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Simple questions sometimes give the biggest answers

Asking a simple question on Facebook this week I was intrigued and surprised by the responses I got to it.

I enquired “If you were only able to have one painting in your life, what would it be of?” and the replies all came back in the form of a landscape of one description or another. Within the landscape might be loved ones but the response was definitely landscape.

Which got me thinking….. if I was to ask myself the same question which one painting I would have given the choice.  And my immediate thought was a painting, done by me, of the best of all the paintings I’d done, in a gallery setting maybe…..  But is that cheating? 🙂  And yes, giving a proper answer  it probably would be a landscape too. But where of? Of some of the beautiful places I’ve seen in the world? The sunset at Santorini? The dawn rising over Machu Picchu? The tumbling rivers of New Zealand? Or the old stone cottages by the harbour in St Ives? Japanese cherry blossom in Kyoto? MMm…… I’ll have Tree of dreams (2)to keep thinking about that one, but it would definitely have rocks, trees, water and sky in it. And of course hidden images disguised in it as I love clever pictures like that.

In the meantime I’m getting on nicely with a painting that is most definitely not a  landscape this week.

I’ve drawn out the image for the erotic couple, and have painted a mid tone coat of paint to cover the canvas and give depth to what is to be painted on it. Since its acrylics it dries so quickly and I can work fast on it. The second layer of paint formulised the colours , and the third layer is starting to bring out the form of the couple more. I shall do another layer, the fourth one to bring out the details of faces, of the skin tones, the small details that make it specifically them, and then when that’s done I can start to bring it all together, merging and blending the colours and tones, making two people very much together. I always say with acrylics that you can’t go wrong, you just keep going. Its a gorgeous medium for putting in detail as you can paint light over dark areas showing fine hairs and nuances of colour that skin always has – those tiny pale shades of blue and pink, purples and browns that make a person look alive. But as well as that this picture has jewellery in it, and a sexy pair of panties. And before you ask, its the woman who’s wearing them….

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