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Sailing into the romance

Monday night I went to sea. Well, not in the way that you get your feet wet, it was more sailing via the internet looking for a cruise ship but I still felt very nautical. I wanted a particular cruise liner that had exactly the same name as another cruise liner and a similar name to other cruise liners I eventually found which made it complicated for a land lubber like me. Fortunately I had one image and the date to help me, so could eventually ascertain which one I wanted, the second one with one funnel, rather than the first one with two.  I started off just looking at ships but ended up understanding the romance and magic of the ship and felt a pang when I read that this beautiful cruise ship was sold and broken up in 1975. It no longer exists except in the memories of those who sailed on it, and the old photos of it on-line. And in the heart of a son of someone who worked on it in the 1960s, who has asked me to paint a picture of it for him. Hence the reason I was looking for it on Monday and which has shown me that it has had two liveries, and I don’t know which one he wants for the painting, the yellow that it originally was, or the white that it became. I know which I prefer but it’s not my decision!

Acrylic paintsAnd in the meantime whilst I await his decision, I can get on with the tastefully erotic acrylic painting now that the canvas has been delivered! Yay! I always love the feeling I get when I look at the blank canvas, all wrapped up in cellophane, before I open it up and sniff the new canvas smell. Then start to draw the image out on it before starting the painting, watching it build up and come to life. And then when its finished, seeing the face of the person who has commissioned the painting as they are first introduced to this new picture of something special to them and know that they will grow to love it as much as I do.

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