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Got the engine revving but can’t go anywhere

Normally when I write a blog post I know exactly what I’m going to write about, since something will have happened that is worth writing about in the last couple of days. I know I’m stating the obvious with that one …. news plus date equals blog post.

But I’m sitting here thinking what’s worth writing about this time and realise that that’s it. Lots has happened, but nothings happened!

I currently have not one, not two, not three, we can go on for a while with this one, where were we, oh yes, ten people,  who want some artwork done by me. All commissions. Which is great news, and I’m raring to go on them, any one of them to get into the new year on a good postive note. From the phone call last week I thought it would be the dog portrait I was asked to do since the deadline for it is a birthday that is looming fast. I assured the woman in question that I could do it in time, and we agreed a price. All I needed was the photo that she wanted me to work from but by Wednesday when I still hadn’t heard from her I rang to see what was happening without wanting to appear pushy and got the reply that she and her man need to go through the photos together and find the one they like best and then she’ll get back to me but it didn’t matter that it would be after his birthday, ok I said smiling, and knew she would get back to me probably next week. I’ll put that one to one side then.

The second one that I’m itching to get working on, I have the photos, and know the image that I will be painting, its the one I talked about in the last blog post. The deadline for that is later in the year, but I could get going on it, except for one small thing, well, its a large one actually. I ordered the canvas for it but it hasn’t arrived yet, and the art materials company I ordered it from rang yesterday to say that they hadn’t got it in stock. OH NO! I thought, but it was ok she said, they had another one the same size but made by a different company and they could get it to me in about a weeks time. I’ll put that one to one side as well then.

I also want to get on with the “wedding picture” since that needs varnishing, but the varnish I need for it is also with the previous order for the canvas. So that will have to wait a few days too. But when its been varnished at least then I can write here about it and show it to you……

There is another drawing that is to be done in January for a guy who wants an erotic pose since he’s never had the chance before, but that won’t be until the end of the month so I can’t do anything about that one at the moment.

I received a phone call today from a guy who has had an erotic drawing done of him by me, and wants to return to do some more poses but with a woman but she’s not free until after the end of January, so that will have to wait as well.

I am also waiting for a particular trike to be renovated at the other end of the country so that I can do a lovely erotic pose that a guy wants doing of his wife draped over it as a painting, but until the trike is done, that’s on hold too.

The rest of the commissions are similar, in that the person who has asked me to do the artwork is having to wait for something, before they can get back to me, for me to do it.

But in the meantime, I have something to keep me amused. And also is making me bemused…… Because I did something on Monday that I’ve never done before. And that’s saying something! 🙂  I came away from the particular art exhibition I was part of  with more than I went with.  I bought a painting, which is currently hanging on my office wall, so that I can look at it often. And one of the reasons I keep looking at it, is to wonder why. The picture is sometJapan 028hing that talked to me, that made me want to buy it, to own it, to hang it on my wall, to spend time looking at it. And it makes me feel good. All these are reasons why anyone should buy a painting. And bearing in mind that I love camoflague art, I adore erotic art, I like people, and animals, and complex pictures. This one is none of those. Its actually a simple picture of a tree in a garden, with a rustic chair under it, a small table with a jug and glass holding some yellowy liquid that could be orange juice or cider depending how much of an alcoholic  drinker you are.  But I think the reason that I wanted to have it hanging on my wall is the fact that there are strong black shadows on the green grass from the tree above and also off to one side behind the tree, that and the fact that the tree is a cherry tree, and in full blossom. That’s the reason I bought it, for that cherry blossom, it makes me feel happy for two reasons, because I’ve had gardens that have had cherry trees in them, and because some years ago I went to Japan when it was cherry blossom time, and saw the early spring sunshine through those ethereal blossoms. This simple picture has touched something deep me in. And its making me smile, as a reminder that all art should do that, it should talk to you.

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