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Making an exhibition again

This morning was spent doing a very familiar thing for me, helping to set up an art exhibition.

It was a group set up so that made it a lot easier since everyone who could attend helped in some way either with the hanging (hangmen aren’t the only ones!) or the various promotional information that go with it. I’ve been exhibiting with Ashby Guild of Artists for 13 years now, and honestly think that this years standard of artwork by all the artists is the best we’ve ever had. There are a lot of excellent artists in the group and we all paint such diverse subjects that I feel that there is something for everyone at that exhibition. I’ve loved being a member all the time I’ve been part of the group and know that if I have any question connected with art like “Where’s the best place to buy good quality canvas’s at a reasonable price?”or “Is it best to use a fixative on pastels before you frame them or not use anything ?” – there will be someone who knows the answer to it.

And looking at the completed exhibition today, I could see watercolours and oils, acrylics and pastels, traditional, botanical, abstract, of  flowers, landscapes, seascapes, figures, still-life, wildlife, pets, birds, portraits, winter landscapes and summer gardens. But nothing erotic. I don’t put erotic art into these exhibitions, well, not proper erotic art, I might put in some mermaids sometimes which are acceptably erotic for old ladies and young children to look at. But I haven’t done this time.Blue lagoon  (2)

I know if I was in the market for buying some paintings, I would happily invest in two or three there that really stand out for me – and I’m not even refering to my own! All the artwork is very reasonably priced, there is nothing there that is a silly price. The exhibition is on from today 4th November until January 5th 2014, so two whole months, and perfect for the Christmas festivities. The paintings can be bought before then though, through arrangement with Snibston Discovery Museum, Ashby Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 3LN, which is where it is being held. Its a lovely venue for an art exhibition, light and airy, and right by the cafe in the large foyer. Check for opening times. You don’t have to pay to go in, its a free exhibition.

Each artist is showing three paintings, and mine are “Blue lagoon”, “A step up in the world” and “Dartmouth blue” – all of which I’ve shown you before on this blog.  It would be nice to think they might go to new homes in the next few weeks, but only time will tell on that one!

I hope those who are local to this area can get along, I think its well worth a visit!

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    1. Hi Trevor – I do love your names for me, they always make me smile! Thanks re the exhibtion good luck wishes, and as always, its good to hear from you. Take care, love Jackie x

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