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What super powers would you choose?

The thing I love about being an artist is that whenever I meet new people they usually pause a bit when I say I’m an artist, then ask “Can you paint……. ?” and tell me what the thing is that they want me to do for them. And my answer is always “Yep, I can do that for you, what do you want me to paint it in, and what size will you want it?” The picture in question this time sounded just the sort of thing I love doing – of a customized trike, with the guy riding it, and his naked wife infront of him bent over the trike but  morphing into it as well and becoming part of the machine. Yeh, I’ll lurve doing that one! But I’ve got to wait a bit before I can get going on it, as the couple live in Southampton but will be visiting relatives in the Midlands at some point and we’ll meet up to discuss it properly then and take photos as I need them. Its only a *proposed Kneel forwardidea* at the moment but I think the guy was totally serious about it and I made it clear to him that it’s just MY sort of painting!


I had a great time with good friends over the weekend, drinking copious amounts of wine, and laughing, as you do with people you feel at ease with. And the subject got around to super powers, as we all considered what ONE super power we each would have, given the choice. And interestingly enough, we all chose different ones – the clever educated one chose to live for eternity, so that he could pass on his growing knowledge and keep learning all the time.  His beautiful and extrovert girlfriend wanted the ability to be invisible. My fella wanted the ability to see seven days ahead, which would be an incredibly useful one for all sorts of reasons. And I wanted the ability to suggest , which sounds a mild one but it would be an extremely powerful one… so that I could say things like ” I think you should buy my art because you think its the most wonderful art you have ever seen”  and people would happily buy it, or “I think you as a rich person should invest in us starving artists”  and they would because they felt they wanted to, to improve their lives, and I know I could do good with it too by suggesting to someone who had committed a crime that they should repay their victim with a massive kindness, or an abject apology, or whatever would be needed to make reparation. That would be MY super power.

But what would you choose, if you were given the chance….?   and why?

3 thoughts on “What super powers would you choose?”

  1. Hi Jackie
    You already do have the power of suggest
    When me & Sharon came round you said hello come in & undress & we duly obeyed lol
    I would love the power to dominate all women & that’s never going to happen lol

    1. Hi Pete – W0W, I’ve got SUPERPOWERS already and never knew it!!!! 🙂
      Well, I don’t know many men can can dominate all women, not unless we let you anyway!! lol

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