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Missed the end of the world and I wasn’t going to bother defrosting the turkey

The end of the world has been, and gone, and I blinked and missed it….

My theory, for what its worth, is that the Mayan guy who was in charge of the carving of the dates, got bored when he got to two thousand and twelve, since it was so far in the distant future to be beyond expected belief, and when he got to the date of 21-12-12 thought it was a pretty number, and stopped at that point cos his arm was aching, planning to carry on at a later date, but then before he resumed his work a huge drought occurred, all the people died and the date got left there for perpetuity. That’s my thought anyway 🙂

Anyway, now we’re still here, and I’ve got to defrost the turkey, after all!

AND  while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for a cuppa, it’s really made me think about the artwork I’ve painted so far, and consider which one is the best one – the ultimate end of the world picture, the one I’m most proud of that I’ve done so far…. and I think that although I loved doing the “Goddesses of the divine feminine” painting, and loved doing my “Enigma” and “Guardian angels” paintings,  it’s “Tree of life” for the cleverness of the design in it. That innocent people only sees innocence in it, but the adults see straight away that its of a couple making love, through the geography of the land.  But, overall, the ones I love best as a group, is always going to be the collection of “Fantasy Fannies”. Infact I said exactly that to a female friend of mine this week, and she grinned in recognition of the proud tone of voice I was using. But, now that we’ve all got a reprieve on the end of the world, its also made me consider that I have so many pieces of art still in me, and I am a long way off finishing painting.


Other than that,  I have had as a reminder this week  the difference in age groups and what interests them……

They say that in your Twenties you’re interested in kinkiness, in your Forties you’re interested in swinging, and in your Sixties you’re interested in nudism. 

Which is illustrated very well in the conversation I had this week with a guy in his 40’s who rang me  to chat about me painting him and his wife in a sexually provocative pose that involved them looking to involve others in their actions. The week before I was asked if I could paint a picture for someone who wanted to be featured with two others whilst he was being whipped, and he is in is 20’s. And a male friend of mine, who is well over the age of 60 has kept me updated with his plans to be part of the naked bike ride that is taking part in various cities aroudn England next year.  And all of this seems to be normal in my world, these sort of conversations…….! 

I think next year’s going to be an interesting one, whatever I get to paint. But, I don’t think it’s going to be boring, somehow.

2 thoughts on “Missed the end of the world and I wasn’t going to bother defrosting the turkey”

  1. Stuart Haywood

    Dear Jackie
    Many thanks for the entertainment you have provided in your wonderful blog.
    I enjoy both the literary and artistic comment.Enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas.
    With regard to my “naked bike ride”I have been offered £100 if I complete the course
    by a lady friend to be paid to the charity of my choice.
    This “naked bike riding”ties up nicely with my gardening as both allow me
    to exhibit my sprouts to a grateful nation.

    1. Stuart – Glad to hear thats its been entertaining for you!
      That’s fabulous news regarding being sponsored for your first naked bike ride, well done.

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, however you decide to boil and serve your buttered sprouts……

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