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Pick n mix em up

A guy I know knows that I am an artist, and has seen my erotic artwork already hanging on someone else’s wall. When I saw him last week we got into a conversation about the art of Jack Vettriano as we’re both big fans of his work. I explained to him that Vettriano’s work is erotic even though all the people in his paintings are dressed, its the promise of what is going to happen next with the interaction of  his models  that makes it erotic. From there, it was natural that we would get on to my artwork since it’s erotic too. He told me how much he loves my work, and started to describe the picture of mine he’d seen and how he’d like a print of it and asked if I had any similar ones like it. Oh yes! I have! It made sense at that point to bring out the ipad so that I could show him the images on it, so that he could tell me which ones he liked the most……

He peered at the screen showing the thumbnails of them, a mix of all the artwork I’ve done, erotic and non erotic mixed up in no particular order. He pointed at one, and another as I brought up each image he was interested in, knowing instantly what he liked, and I very quickly realised that he mostly liked elegant and classy women not looking directly at the viewer but with their faces turned away slightly. He really liked the black and white ones with a touch of red in them, finding them incredibly erotic…… “Ooooh yes!” he said. When he had perused each of them on the screen as thumbnails, he pointed out again – that one, and that one, and that one there, and oh definitely that one, as I wrote down the names of them in turn. When he’d finished he asked how many – I quickly totted them up, and said “Fifteen!” he nodded at me, and asked if I could do them as prints 8 x 6 inches as he wanted them all to go on one wall in his lounge, together. ER, yesss, I can do that.

When I was able to view them on my computer, I knew that I could re-size them all to make them as near to the size he wanted. I couldn’t make them exactly the 8 x 6 inches since then it would have distorted the image too much. But certainly, near enough. It was an interesting exercise since I’ve not done that before. Usually people accept the size as it is and don’t want it adjusting. When I was happy with them all I took them down to the printers in the next town and got them printed out. And then realised I had a problem.

Since all the images were going together on ONE wall as a collection, they have to look similar, and some of the images were too light compared to others. About half of them were ok, but the others weren’t. Back to the drawing board (well, the computer screen!) and adjusted the contrast and brightness again to make them all more uniform. None of this would be a problem if it was fifteen images for fifteen people, it was just a problem for one person wanting them all together.

Back to the printers the next day, and Hallelujah, it works!

When I got them home I lay them all out on the carpet together in no particular order and stood over them looking down at them as one collection, and really liked what I saw! Wow! Don’t they look good together, and all the same size near enough, so they’ll look uniform. And they’ll really decorate his wall well and match the black and white theme of the room to make an impact. It’ll make a statement with the erotic art he’s chosen as he’s chosen them to totally suit his character and personality – a pick n’ mix of erotica!


I love it when someone goes a big *WOW* over my artwork and wants it filling their walls. I feel like I’ve made a huge connection with them, since they totally ‘get’ what I do and want it fully in their space.

 And love the fact that I can offer a service where people can choose which ones of my paintings they like, and can get them made as prints as a collection.

So, which ones would you choose………………..?


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