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Come and tell me how I can put a smile on your face

Whilst working on my latest white on black (with some sexy red highlights) erotic drawing this week, like the one pictured here, but its not this one I’ve been working on, I started smiling the minute I put white conte pencil on the black card. I’ve done so many of these over the years and still always find them so enjoyable, partly because its pulling an image out of the blackness, and knowing that that image will be strongly powerful because  its not all there – not all there in a hidden in the darkness way, not as in a sandwich short of a picnic sort of way. You know what I mean.

And as the picture evolved with the creamy white pencil softly forming the lines then building up the soft skin tones it gets even better. The frame I’ve put it in accentuates the black detail too and finishes it off, as it should. I can’t show it to you yet, since its a surprise for someone’s special Christmas present, and although they may or may not read this blog, I won’t chance it. It’ll spoil the surprise and we don’t want that do we…… ?

I was telling my students about it at my teaching class this week, and have promised them that we’ll try the technique next week, which should be interesting for them. I say that in a *I totally understand this method because I developed it about eleven years ago and have been practicising it regularly since then* sort of way, knowing that some of them struggle to draw lines that they CAN see on figures, and I’m going to ask them to draw the ones that they won’t see at the end, but they’re keen and fascinated by the process and so far I’ve got every point across on everything they’ve tackled. But, any sort of art is getting your head around strange concepts that may not make sense before you start learning it, but when you see the fabulous effects you get the message that’s in it.


But other than that, this weeks big news is the fact that I’ve updated my website this week , yay,  so go and take a look and see the new artwork, the new write-ups, and have a think about how my artwork can enhance your Christmas…….. as I know it can… you want to commission me to do a wonderful piece of special art for a loved one to make them smile? Do you want to buy something that I’ve got for sale in my shop? Do you want to buy a Limited Edition print? Or a print of one of the erotic drawings in my galleries? Just remember that most things are possible, and just asking cost’s nothing, and I may be able to do something wonderful for you, as the people I’ve already done artwork for in the past will attest – I’ve touched emotional levels in them through the artwork they’ve asked me to do, and I can do the same for you……….

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      1. I get pleasure from reading a post that will make folks think. Thanks for permitting me to remark!

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