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Wrapped up in love and tied with a big red ribbon

I’m working on a thankyou at the moment.

For a big big favour that someone did for me recently.

He doesn’t know I’m doing the thankyou. 

Or what it will be.

Or that I have a partner in all of this.

Who is  a mate of his.

Who has a photo.

Of something I want.

Who has sent me the photo.

That the guy doesn’t know about.

So that I can use it.

For my thankyou.

As my thankyou’s are usually of the same sort.

A piece of art.

My art.

Of something that I think will mean something.

For the person it is for.

As I know this will be.

For this guy.

Since it is of something very close to his heart.

Something much loved.

But recently lost.



Something that I was honoured to meet earlier on this year.

Something filled with more love than you would think possible.

Certainly with more love than I’ve ever seen before.

In a dog.



And I’ve got to capture that, in this picture.

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