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Does Twitter allow that one?

There I was,  sitting minding my own business, on the computer, quietly typing away, when a message came up in my email box………

You’ve been mentioned on Twitter…..

Oh yeh, I thought

I glanced at it idly, then shot into full attentive mode as I did a double-take!!!

I’ve had my cunt painted, by the amazing artist @jackieadshead. You can see it here: (scroll down)



I don’t know what shocked me most.

The fact that I hadn’t heard from Curvaceous Dee for a while,

The fact that she was happily telling the world that I’m an amazing artist

Or the fact that Twitter allowed the “C ” word!

It made me smile, either way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Does Twitter allow that one?”

    1. Curvaceous Dee – hugs to you too, I know you’re a regular reader and it’s always good to hear from you when you’ve got something to say, its just that this one was so deliciously succinct as well as unexpected it made me smile big time! 🙂 xx

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