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All of a sudden nothing happened

I have long held the view that things happen in batches, and conversely, they also don’t happen in batches. The stuff of life is never equally placed to make things easier, it gets shunted up together to make it a little more difficult! That is why at this moment I am sitting kicking my heels, not in reality I’m not, I rarely sit and do nothing, but metaphorically I am. 

On the way to post a letter earlier on I bumped into one of the women I spoke to last week regarding my starting teaching art classes, and her being interested in starting them with me, I greeted her cheerily (I’ve just written cherrily, but that’s another fruity greeting!) and told her I’d not forgotten her, I know its less than a week since we spoke but I’m itching to get started with these classes but its not worth starting til I’ve got six people interested and at the moment there are five, although two of them probably want them to be evening classes as they work during the day,  this woman being one of them. I think I may have to do one class for her and her colleage and another for the retired people who want an afternoon class, unless they’ll do an evening one. So, I’ve got to sit and wait for people to contact me…….. after putting my adverts out everywhere, well everywhere legal, I could think of…..official noticeboards rather than the back end of cows and fence posts……

So, for that, I sit and wait…..but, keep busy as well, for instance….

On Saturday I went to a party where I chatted with a couple I know very well about their ideas for a painting they want me to do of them, a sensual, erotic picture. I am really fired up about doing it for them but at the moment the woman has a cold and wants to wait until she’s fully fit before she poses for it, I can fully understand that, I would want to wait too if it was me. But at least we could chat about it, and I could listen to their ideas about it, ready for when I can get started. Sitting with them was another couple they know well, but I don’t know at all, who overheard the conversation and asked more about it, she said she liked black and white pictures, and when I said I do paintings and drawings like that and sometimes with some red in them as well to add drama and passion she got all excited about the possibility of me painting her and her fella in that way, so they’re having a think about it and will come back to me. Another woman overheard the conversation and said she was also interested in having a picture done by me, and five minutes later a totally different women sat chatting with me and when I mentioned that I am an Erotic Artist she said “Ooooh, I’ve been looking for someone like you! I’ve got this idea for a painting or drawing of a naked female torso!” and I smiled at her and said that that was exactly the sort of thing I do! So, within an hour I’d got four people talking to me about me doing artwork for them. But, not yet, they need to go and think about it, and I bet ya they all want it doing the same week 🙂 Not that that’s a problem, it’ll be first come, first served…..


But, whilst I metaphorically sit kicking my heels, the lovely Sara from Erolife  wants to interview me, and has sent some preliminary questions, which have got me thinking. The first one is asking me when I started doing erotic art, and what inspired me. Well, I know instantly the answer to that one, but I’ll save it for another blog post……..

2 thoughts on “All of a sudden nothing happened”

  1. Sometimes all you can do is sit and wait! And sometimes so many people want something done at once, you wonder how you’ll ever get it all finished. Hope that’s a future post!

    1. Hardin – yes, I know, and I am a patient person, so I don’t mind waiting. I know its the only way you can do some things, by waiting for them to come to you when they’re ready. And usually they’re worth the wait! I also don’t mind working flat out for a deadline when the occassion arises, and I hope its a future post too! 🙂

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