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Immerse yourself in my favourite colour


the sap green foliage is starting to show at last after the long bleak winter as you walk along the  twisting path through the trees. The sun is starting to rise in the sky, a hint of the warmth to come later in the day as it spreads the dappled shadows across the  white daisies scattered in the verdant grass. In your head is the tale of the magical standing stones nearby that hold mysteries of the  ancient past, and the wishing tree where the hopeful come to tie their ribbons, each strand of bright silky fabric a colourful reminder of the hopes and dreams of others, as they pray to their spirits for a response for their deepest desires….

And as you walk through the forest, you come across a pool, bright and shining in the morning light, inviting and bewitchingly appealing.

You stop for a brief second, knowing that you must go to it, you cannot resist.

And as you step into the languid turquoise waters you know you are in the only place you want to be. The rest of the world is forgotten, you are alone, and the body warm waters caress your skin and you feel the sensual pleasure of the tepid water as it envelops you.

You swim in the pool, and lazily float and look up to the clear cobalt blue skies, hardly a hint of creamy cloud to be seen, the trees at the far edges of the pool are silent except for the sound of the birds welcoming the new day, and grey squirrels chasing each other through the topmost branches of the tall slender oaks, nibbling at the new shoots starting to form, a flick of the tail and they’re bouncing onto the next tree and off again. You smile to yourself at their freedom and realise that your own worries have faded away with that day and you twist your body around in the water, treading water, and floating, your body free of all restraints, a mermaid of the pool, a creature of the woods

Time passes, there is no rush to do anything or go anywhere……..

and the sun comes out from behind a small cloud, bright, blindingly bright on the water, causing ripples of reflected sunlight on the bottom of the pool below you, you watch them, as they dance with rippling movement. And you smile at their bright beauty, mesmerised with their magical effects.

That is the colour I love  – love it best of all – that sunlight dancing on turquoise waters. I can sit and look at them for ever. I cannot resist, it pulls me like a magnet.

Now imagine it……

And imagine you are as free and liberated as the birds and squirrels and creatures of the wood.

And you can believe in the magic that is in those standing stones, and that magical woodland pool.

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