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Going it solo

I suppose it’s quite daunting, to put on an exhibition at a venue that you’re not known at. And even more so when so much has to be done by one person.

And that person is me!


Buuuuuuut, it’s stuff I’ve done most of before (albeit with others). And I know the procedure, and I’ve had enough time to plan it. And I’ve had enough experience over the years to know what to do……..

Point one – paint some pictures – yep, tick, done that! :)   (good start!)

Point two – find somewhere to hang them – yep, tick, got that!

Point three – tell people about it – yeh, did that yesterday via email, and I know at least FOUR people will be coming by the responses I’ve had already, so that’s a positive beginning!  And I was invited to do the exhibition by the Trustees of the Village Institute as part of the celebrations the village are holding over the Diamond Jubilee weekend, so they’ve got faith in me to put on a good show which is very uplifting to know. So to that end, I’ve trudged around the village putting up signs so that should give enough notice to the villagers so hopefully they will stick their noses through the door too. I really hope there’s more than four people turn up.

Point four – er, well, that’s to do all the accompanying paperwork that’s needed with it which involves being very methodical (which is something I excel at, fortunately, for a creative person!), design and order a banner (far far trickier than I had expected!)  and design and print some flyers, to make a list of paintings, to make the title cards with the prices on them, to do a writeup about myself where I sound vaguely interesting (!), to include some testimonials so that people who’ve never heard of me know that other people who have heard of me really rate me and more to the point my art, to make a list of what prints I’m going to sell, to write up about commissions I can do for buyers and the prices for them, make sure I take enough business cards of course, and a visitors book for people to make comments…….. ohhhhhhh and to make sure I know where to get the key from on the setting up day of course, that’ll help! Alot!!! (…..and that was why the exhibition had to be held on the pavement outside the building in the pouring rain…… – no, we don’t want that one happening)

It might be a bit daunting, but its certainly very exciting toooooooo ! Oh Yes!

 So, I don’t know if you’re able to come along, but it’d be great to see you there – its on over the Queens Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday (3rd to 5th June) at Ravenstone Village Institute, Leicester Road, Ravenstone, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 2AQ – situated in the centre of the village by the traffic lights, with ample parking. I hope you’re able to come along to it. I will be showing a selection of originals and prints, and have some exciting work for everybody and all pockets!

The show opening times are:

Sunday 3rd June     1pm – 5pm

Monday 4th June   10am – 5pm

Tuesday 5th June   10am -1pm

 There will be refreshments available so come along, have a cup of tea and a browse. It’s free admission. So, hope to see you there, and come and say hi.

6 thoughts on “Going it solo”

  1. Good luck with this . . . I know it’s a lot of work to set up, but hopefully you’ll be rewarded by lots of visitors, and at least a few sales. And sunshine.

  2. Hardin – Thankyou! It IS a lot of work to set up but at least its a new area for me to exhibit in and hopefully to make some new friends, and buyers! Sunshine would be good, as well, although it traditionally rains any time the English want to celebrate anything, so we’re used to it!

  3. Stuart haywood

    Rhona and I are looking forward to seeing you at Ravenstone .Best of good fortune with the
    exhibition and we hope that you attract many visitors.I will be garbed in my new sandals as
    I am running them in prior to my nude appearance at the “naked gardeners”garden.I have
    decided that gardening boots do not look good on a naked pensioner.However,should I
    wear ankle socks or woolly hiking socks in conjunction with my sandals?


    1. Stuart – Thankyou, and I’m looking forward to seeing you both there too!

      Neither, EVER!!!! At all. At any time. In any circumstances. 🙂

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